skrzynia, kufer, siedzisko

The Stool

29 cm | 37 cm
44 cm
Seat base
44 cm
3,50 kg
17 cm | 25 cm

This little piece makes a great company for all other Somebunny gems, but can also make it solo- it’s your choice ;)

It is a handmade seat, filled with a comfy sponge, dressed in some pretty velvet with quilting.

Made in a typical Somebunny’s style will give you the famous Somebunny experience ;)

The stool is a spacious seat, perfect both for children, and adults – who often play along. It doesn’t take much space, so fits small rooms, and makes a great addition to other furnishing.

You can choose how tall it is, by fitting short, or long legs.
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